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6 Reasons Successful Marriages Still Need Marriage Counseling

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As a couple, you may not know you need help until you visit a marriage counselor. Research by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy shows that 90% of the couples who try marriage counseling feel some kind of improved emotional health, and two-thirds of these couples have reported an improvement in their physical health. Marriage counseling resolves many couple issues that you may not realize that they are a core to your marriage problems. Here are the seven reasons why your marriage still needs marital counseling.

This post is all about marriage counseling.

marriage counseling

1. Conflict Resolution Skills

No matter how good your marriage is, there will be times when conflicts will arise. Having the skill to talk about the differences that are in your marriage is the number one reason you need to visit a marriage counselor. Your spouse may not know how to talk through your differences or negotiate to conclude, and for that reason, they may choose not to talk about these differences, and your relationship ends up being built on unresolved conflict.

A marriage counselor will teach both of you how to start expressing yourself (softly) without being offensive or defensive, disrespectful or judgmental. You will also learn how to effectively deal with intense emotions to a point where the two of you can calm down and reach a resolution.

2. It Helps with Problems Outside Your Marriage

A family member may be ill, or a spouse may have lost their job, and in this situation, visiting a marriage counselor may help you and your spouse weather the situation together. You will get coping strategies from your therapist, and effective listening skills to really hear each other, and they will support you as you go through life challenges that life throws at you.

3. It Rejuvenates Your Marriage

There is a great likelihood that you will lose the bond and connection that existed when you met each other before becoming a couple at some point in your marriage. A point comes where responsibilities, families, friends, job issues, and even hobbies take up most of your time and they become a priority over your marriage.

A talk with your professional marriage counselor will make you realize the damage those priorities are causing to your marriage and you will learn ways to reconnect and give your relationship time.

marriage counseling

4. You Will Learn to Better Communicate and Understand Your Partner

You may not know what your spouse is thinking or their heart’s desires. This is why most counselors hear statements like, ‘I am not even sure what he is thinking about and ‘so she expected me to read her mind’ and so forth. Your spouse may be assuming you know the things which you have no idea he/she needs.

People don’t talk about their thoughts, feelings, and desires for a variety of reasons that several reasons. These may be that they fear what you might say or that you might take it out of context. Others may feel that you don’t value them and it’s not worth it letting you know because it will make no difference. Your marriage counselor will help you understand why your partner may be having such struggles and the importance of talking about your fears out loud.

5. You Will Learn How to Go Through A Life Change

A major life moment such as a newborn baby on the way, a career change, making a big business or even a death move may require you to seek a third-party perspective to help you cope easily, calm your nerves, and get educated on how to communicate with your partner through the anxious times. Having a marriage therapist will help you understand the exciting moments or the anxious moments of your partner, and you will be taken through the guidelines for going through these life changes together.

marriage counseling

6. It May Be the Solution to Depression and Anxiety

Relationship problems may cause depression or anxiety, and sometimes, they are part of how your partner is ‘wired.’ Whichever the case, it is beneficial for the both of you to visit a counselor when such conditions start kicking in. Through marriage counseling, your partner will know the source of your problem and know how to support you in your journey to overcome depression and anxiety. They also help you as a couple to encourage each other and offer support that I appreciated. The marriage counselor may be pivotal to the healing process of these problems.

This post was all about marriage counseling.

A professional marriage counselor can provide a haven for you to talk about issues you may find hard to voice. You will earn the skills that will help you carry on such conversations at home with your partner. The best marriage counselors have no desire for their clients to hang around for a long time.

They provide a long-lasting solution within a short time. Although marriage counseling has been traditionally viewed as a place to solve marriage problems, the fact is that marriage counseling offers much more assistance even to the happy couple, as discussed above. Marriage counseling can be the fuel to keep the fire burning.

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