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embracing the spilled milk MOMents, because 'normal' is just a setting on the dryer.


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About Me

Married mom of 3, "dawg mahm" of 2, adopted by twin kittens, and a rare Black farmer in Delaware. Helping moms like you smile through the spilled milk MOMents of motherhood.

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Work with Me

I can't help but share the real raw messiness of motherhood and marriage, because perfection is overrated and we all need some reality to stay sane. Motherhood is an unpaid daily joy, but working with me is not.




victoria vaden

a diaper duties mom blog


victoria vaden king

Victoria Vaden

Original YouTuber when ‘viral’ was just a flu symptom. My English degree qualified me to tell stories (the good kind). So, I'm sharing the not-so-normal reality of motherhood and marriage.

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My Story

DYEM is for the not-so-perfect, spit-up-stained, smile-through-anything moms out there looking for sanity. Motherhood is messy and full of mistakes. You'll find plenty of that here.

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