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How Inconsistency Made Me a Terrible Mom

by victoriavadenking
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Ah, the beauty of inconsistency.

The whimsical dance between the demands of a child and an unpredictable work schedule.

It’s as poetic as it is, well, maddening.

Before you get all judgy-judgy, let’s get one thing straight —

Inconsistency in motherhood made me feel like a terrible mom.

But as I’ve come to learn, inconsistency is just another word for adaptability.

And who doesn’t want to be adaptable?


This post is all about inconsistency as a mom.

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Not All Who Wander Are Lost; Some Are Just Inconsistent

From the outside looking in, it might seem like my life is a circus with too many acts to juggle.

Yes, I’m a bustling mom in a never-ending whirlwind of family mayhem.

But let’s toss a wildcard into the mix: fainting spells.

It’s like nature’s little joke on me, ensuring I don’t get too complacent.

Go ahead, roll your eyes. I did.

But then the pandemic sauntered in, amplifying the cacophony of working from home with kids underfoot.

You remember that quiet coffee break in the office? A luxury, my friend.

Suddenly, those superheroes we call teachers?

Yeah, they deserved capes all along.

You see, back in the golden days, before I took my dramatic tumble at 18, my life was a crammed page in a planner.

Senior year saw me darting everywhere, being Ms. Everywhere-At-Once, juggling club meetings, and vying for leadership positions, all while trying to woo college admission officers.

The only consistent thing in my life was my school spirit

But it’s amazing how a life-altering head injury can shake you, showing you that the real beauty lies in slowing down.

The joy of watching my kids discover the world, absorbing every nuance and mimicry?

It’s unparalleled.

The glint in their eyes as they achieve a tiny milestone?

That’s my Oscar moment.

But here’s the twist in my tale.

The inconsistency that I’ve grown to accept?

It’s a double-edged sword.

On one side, it has made me cherish every fleeting moment with my little ones.

But on the flip side, it’s a sly thief, robbing me of precious self-time.

Showers have turned into speed runs.

My nails, hair? Let’s just say I’ve had too many run-ins with overenthusiastic professionals.

Balancing act, this inconsistency, and a tightrope I’m still learning to navigate.

inconsistent Victoria Vaden and family with dogs
Being a wife, mom of three, training my own service dog, and publishing my first book? No big deal.

Why My Calendar Has Commitment Issues

Being a career woman, and notably not in the 9-5 routine most might expect, means I’m juggling more than just kid schedules and bedtime stories.

It’s more like coordinating synchronized swimming, except everyone’s wearing different hats, and the pool’s filled with Jell-O.

Vet, broadcaster, Oprah 2.0 (with a dash more flair, if I do say so myself).

That was the plan.

But life had a bit of a plot twist for me, sprinkled with syncope and orthostatic hypotension episodes.

Oh, and trying to train my own service dog?

That’s another story filled with more facepalms than I’d like to admit.

Refer to my Dawg Mahm posts for those details.

What Society Gets Wrong About Stay at Home Moms

It seems society has painted a serene picture of Stay at Home Moms, sipping tea and watching daytime TV.

In reality, I’m here wearing my work hat, my mom hat, and occasionally my “I’ve only had two hours of sleep but still got it” hat, all while trying to dodge spills and upload content.

But here’s the thing: every spilled milk, or should I say MOMent, is a testament to our resilience, our ability to adapt, and our undying love for our little ones.

To those who still believe SAHM translates to “semi-annual holiday marathon”, it’s more like “solving all havoc masterfully”.

Infamous bathroom selfie at work just weeks after being questioned for a promotion because I was pregnant.

Pregnant and Passed Over: The Silent Office Politics

On a particularly busy day, with my daughter needing attention, my laptop beckoning, and my inner voice reminding me of my unending to-do list, I faced the ultimate challenge.

Remember that time my work questioned my ability to function just because I had a growing baby bump?

Cue eye roll.

I do.

Being interrogated about pregnancy and job performance when I had been at it for six years was the peak of absurdity.

The irony? Four other colleagues popped out adorable bundles of joy shortly after me.

But every cloud has its silver lining.

Motherhood, in all its sleep-deprived glory, honed my skills.

It made me realize the importance of a midnight brainstorming session or writing under the soft glow of a nightlight.

Society might celebrate the early bird, but night owls?

We’ve got our own kind of magic.

To every night owl mom: Wear your nocturnal badge with pride.

9-to-5? That’s just a song from Dolly Parton.

inconsistent synonym
Instagram paints the perfect picture, except this is what my feed looks like (might regret sharing this later)

The Culprit Behind Your Chaos

Define Inconsistency

Inconsistency is the unruly teenager of behaviors.

It’s unpredictable, occasionally obnoxious, and has an undeniable talent for catching you off guard.

It’s like that playlist you made where you’ve sandwiched heavy metal between soft jazz and nursery rhymes.

You just never know what you’re gonna get next.

At its heart, inconsistency is a lack of uniformity or regularity.

It’s choosing to zig when everyone expects you to zag.

And while it might keep things interesting (like that casserole no one asked you to bring to the potluck), it can also lead to a whole lot of head-scratching and befuddled looks.

What does it mean if someone is inconsistent?

Have you ever had that friend who says they’re TOTALLY up for a spa day next Saturday —

But then come Saturday they’re suddenly “double-booked”?

It’s not doing what you say you’ll do or being as predictable as a toddler’s mood before naptime.

In other words, it’s all over the place.

Inconsistency in my life showed through my hair: I cut it off three times and dyed it too many times to count.

What is an example of inconsistency?

Imagine, if you will, a diet where one day you’re all about green smoothies, yoga, and uttering “Namaste” at random intervals.

Then, the next day, you’re knee-deep in a tub of ice cream, binge-watching reality TV, wondering why your jeans are feeling snug.

That right there?

Classic inconsistency.

What does inconsistent things mean?

Alright, get this: “inconsistent things” is like putting ketchup on spaghetti or wearing socks with sandals.

It’s things that just don’t go together.

What is inconsistent behavior?

Inconsistent behavior is basically the human equivalent of a mystery grab bag.

One day, someone’s sweet as pie, and the next, they’re more sour than a bag of expired Skittles.

This post was all about inconsistency as a mom.

The only consistent inconsistency in my life is never keeping up with laundry…but I’m learning.

The Day I Realized I’d Dropped the Ball… Again

Look, inconsistency might have made me feel like a terrible mom initially.

But the beauty of motherhood is in its unpredictability.

Every mistake, every misstep, and every “oops, I did it again” moment are just stepping stones to becoming a more adaptable, resilient, and consistently fabulous night owl mom.

In the midst of chaos and spilled juice, remember one thing: perfection is overrated.

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Embrace the inconsistencies.

Dance to your own rhythm, and know that every unique beat makes you the fantastic mom you are.

Oh, and if your little one decides to repaint the living room with their yogurt?

Just call it modern art and roll with it.

Dedicated to all the mothers trying to find their rhythm in the chaotic song of life. Stay inconsistent. Stay fabulous.

Because life’s too short to only share the highlight reel.

Join me in celebrating each spilled milk MOMent!

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