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Out-of-the-Nest Links

Hello! Just so you know, my blog, Do You Even Mom, may contain links that fly off to third-party websites or services that I don’t own or control.

As a one-woman show, I can’t control or take responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of these third-party sites or services. I urge you to check out their terms, conditions, and privacy policies before you click away.

If anything goes wrong, I can’t be held responsible for any damage or loss resulting from using these third-party links.

Affiliate Marketing

Now, onto the fun part of my disclosure (said no one ever? but I did!) – Do You Even Mom is a for-profit blog. I only give the green light to affiliate links, product samples, and sponsored posts if they’re a good fit. I personally review and test all these products for a minimum of two weeks before sharing them with you.

I’m committed to my community and I won’t continue promoting a product, service, or company if it doesn’t feel right or gives a negative experience.

All opinions expressed on Do You Even Mom are my own, not those of advertisers, affiliates, or companies. If you click or purchase products from affiliate links on this site or any related social media platforms, I may earn commissions (enough for a coffee or two!) but at no extra cost to you.

Compensation and the Amazon Affiliates Program

Now here’s a little something about the Amazon Associates Program. Ever heard the saying, “A penny for your thoughts?” Well, as an Amazon Associate, I earn a few pennies from qualifying purchases.

This means if you spot something you love on Amazon through a link from Do You Even Mom, and decide to buy it, I might earn enough for that extra shot of espresso in my coffee! Don’t worry – it doesn’t change the price you pay one bit.

Think of it as a virtual high-five for the recommendation. Your purchase helps keep the lights on at the Do You Even Mom HQ, allowing me to continue to [hopefully] bring value to your busy mom life by creating the content that brought you here. Because, at the end of the day, we’re all in this together!

For all the nitty-gritty details, take a gander at my Privacy Policy—. Just like in mom life, transparency is everything here.

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Original YouTuber when ‘viral’ was just a flu symptom. My English degree qualified me to tell stories (the good kind). So, I'm sharing the not-so-normal reality of motherhood and marriage.

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DYEM is for the not-so-perfect, spit-up-stained, smile-through-anything moms out there looking for sanity. Motherhood is messy and full of mistakes. You'll find plenty of that here.

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