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9 Dog Must Haves I Use Every Day as a Dog Mom

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dog must haves

As dog moms, we do everything “paw-sible” to keep our fur babies happy! Today, I am sharing the best dog must haves I use every single day.

From daily walks to feeding and grooming, being a dog mama is one of life’s greatest joys.

After all, there is nothing like a wagging tail and slobbery, wet kisses. But ensuring your pet gets everything they need takes a lot of work.

After all, there are thousands of products out there. How do you know which ones are worth it? 

To help you decide, read on! I have created a list of the top 9 products I use every single day as a dog mom myself.

This post is all about dog must haves.  

dog must haves

1. Appropriately Sized Collar 

Did you know? On average, dogs require between 30 minutes to 1 hour of physical exercise per day, and more if they happen to be a high-energy breed.

To burn those canine calories, pet parents go for walks, and runs, visit the beach or dog park, and play in the backyard. 

Of course, we never expect our dogs to get off-leash or go missing…but accidents do happen!

That’s why a collar with your name, address, and phone number is a #1 must-have item for daily use.

2. Durable Leash 

Speaking of outdoor fun, don’t forget to buy a leash.

High-quality leashes will be strong, made of nylon or leather, built for rain or shine, and come with a handle. 

6 feet is the ideal length, but truth be told, I have several leashes because I am constantly training my pups.

3. Eco-friendly Poop Bags 

Dogs do all sorts of things on their “walkies,” including sniff, say hello to four-legged friends, and naturally…go potty!

I never leave the house without a roll of dog poop baggies.

Nowadays, you can easily find eco-friendly ones like here that are biodegradable. 

Honestly speaking, I am subscribed to receive these every three months and have an insane amount stored.

I keep two individual rolls in the car, two individual rolls in the backyard, a few boxes in the dog pantry, and the remainder at the front door.

If you think I’m crazy, I have a reason. When I was single with my first dog, Cody, I ran out of dog poop bags often so I would pick up the poo the next morning during our mid-winter snow-covered night walks.

Because I was snowed in SO OFTEN, I had to wait until the snow started to melt away before finding it in the deep snow in the middle of the night.

But…a nosy neighbor never saw this and reported me to the front office. Now, I think having too many is better than anything. Plus, these dog bags smell great!

4. Airtight Food Container 

Next, mealtime wouldn’t be the same without my airtight food container.

I have a giant tin can that I found at Home Goods, but now that my pups are both on a raw food diet, I fell in love with air-tight containers.

But, before I made the switch, I used a container. Because we are currently in a home that needs serious kitchen renovations, I am limited with cabinet space, so this collapsible option is ideal.

Plus, who knows what might potentially crawl into your fur kids’ food? Yuck. That’s why I love airtight seal containers. 

5. Slow Feeder Bowl 

Does your dog gobble down their dinner in 10 seconds flat? This is a common problem. Sadly, eating too fast can be dangerous.

For example, your pooch could gag, choke, vomit, suffer digestive problems, or even get bloat (a serious and life-threatening condition).   Luckily, slow feeder bowls like these provide a solution!

Bowls are designed to spread kibbles out and encourage dogs to “work” for their food. This slows down eating and also stops them from inhaling big gulps of air between bites. 

Both of my fur kids are extremely intelligent, so any chance I get to utilize their brain, I will take which includes suppertime.

Dog Mom Tip: I actually purchased several slow feeder bowls of different designs, so that they don’t get used to the same “puzzle.”

6. Kong Stuffed with Yummy Filling 

Number 6 on my list of 9 Products I Use Every Day as a Dog Mom is the Kong. Made of rubber, these are amazing enrichment toys.

Remember, dogs are smart.

They have animal instincts which include a desire to chew. Obviously, we don’t want our puppies chewing on the furniture or destroying the house because they are bored, right? 

So, I use a Kong

The steps are easy to follow. Just select either a small, medium, large, or extra-large Kong based on your dog’s size.

Then, load up the hollow inside with their favorite treats.

My dog enjoys the taste of mashed banana, plain yogurt, canned pumpkin, blueberries, cheese, and peanut butter (with no xylitol). 

7. Healthy Treats

Dogs thrive on positive praise and treats. In fact, most dogs are very food motivated. However, too many treats can lead to obesity.

Similarly, treats made with poor-quality ingredients can trigger allergies and upset sensitive tummies.  

Instead, I like to buy healthy treats. Always read the labels.

As a general rule, meat content (like chicken, turkey, beef, duck, or fish) should be in the first three listed ingredients.

Or, if opting for plant-based dog treats, look for healthy fruits and veggies such as carrots, sweet potatoes, blueberries, and so on. 

I am super picky with treats because Avera gains weight way too easily, and Takoda has an encyclopedic list of allergies.

8. A Tall and Wide Enough Crate

Sure, we all wish we could spend 24/7 with our dogs. But that’s just not doable. 

When you must leave the house, consider using a crate. There are many benefits to this. For instance, it keeps your pup safe.

Inside a crate, they can’t chew on electrical wires, scratch at glass windows, or get into the garbage.

Crates also protect your carpets from messy potty accidents – oops.

Just be sure to use a crate that’s the proper size. I recommend finding one tall enough for your dog to stand in, and wide enough for them to turn around comfortably. 

Even though my dogs are both trained, I still use a dog crate for Avera so that she can have her time away from Takoda, but also as a necessary quiet space when she barks incessantly at the doorbell.

The best one I’ve purchased and used for the past seven years is collapsible and traveled the entire East Coast with us.

9. Doormat for Muddy Paws 

Lastly, nobody thinks of this must-have item…until it’s too late.

To keep my floors clean in spring, fall, winter, and summer, I use a doormat made specifically for dogs.

The fibers soak up water and prevent muddy pawprints from being tracked into the house.

This post was all about daily dog must haves.

And there you have it, dog moms!

My list of 9 products is guaranteed to make your life (and your pup’s life) 9x better! 

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