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Why You Should Wash Toddler Hair in the Kitchen Sink

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wash toddler hair

Lots of people have asked if it is preferable to wash toddler hair in the sink or the shower.

Due to modernization and changes in the ways we live our daily lives, many things have changed for kids with curly hair.

Most people find themselves washing hair in the shower rather than in the sink, especially as they take their bath.

As insignificant as this decision might seem, it does affect the mane of your toddler’s biracial hair.

And for this reason, washing curly toddler hair in the sink might be better than shampooing in the bathtub.

This post is all about how to wash toddler hair.

Natural hair is unique in every way and requires a specific care routine to maintain its texture and shine.

It comes down to the method used when washing it.

Every hair type needs to be properly washed often, using the right products and techniques to remain healthy and beautiful.

Your toddler’s hair is no different.

Deciding to stick with the traditional method of washing your child’s hair in the sink is not just a myth or some preservation of culture, it does affect the overall appearance of curly hair and has other everyday benefits that are worth considering.

wash toddler hair

Here are some of the pros of washing your toddler’s hair in the sink.

#1 Saves time:

Surprisingly, when you wash toddler hair in the sink, it saves you a lot more time than doing the washing in the bathtub.

On average, washing curly hair in the sink could take about 15-20 mins based on the number of products being applied during the process, but will take at least 30 mins in the bath because you also have to wash other parts of their body.

Also, during sink washing, the steam is focused directly on cleansing the shampoo from the hair while the bathtub works like a spray which might not be as efficient and time-saving as sink washing.

It is also pretty easy to do a quick rinse in the sink than in the bathtub. 

#2 Easy to Detangle:

It is common for curly hair to get tangled during the washing process.

It is also necessary to ensure that it is properly detangled before rinsing, either with your hands or with the appropriate products.

Detangling hair is more convenient when done in the sink than in the bathtub.

Especially when washing a toddler’s hair, you need to be careful and precise, and sink washing will give you generally better hold over the hair.

The fact that curly hair can be easily detangled helps prevent breakage and hair loss.

#3 Easier for Toddler Hair:

If you have to wash your child’s hair, sink washing is more convenient.

This way you can focus the shampooing on the hair alone and it is not overwhelming for your little boy or girl.

It is also safer for a child than being put in the bathtub because he or she will not be sitting in the rinsed hair products that are not made for their intimate parts.

When exposed to those areas and being submerged in that region, your child has a greater chance of getting a rash or terrible reaction since the products are made for hair only, and not body.

This is also an appropriate method of washing because you have better control and can concentrate on spots that matter more easily.

wash toddler hair

Tips for washing mixed hair in the sink

Now that it’s been established that washing your toddler’s hair in the sink has its unique advantages, it’s important to know the proper techniques and some important tips to do it properly.

Here are a few tips for a good sink hair wash.

  • Ensure all your products are in one place and within reach. This makes it less messy and faster.
  • Use the right products for your child’s curly hair. From shampoo to conditioners and detanglers, ensure that the product you use is suitable for their unique hair so that you get the best result from sink washing. (Here are my go-to products.)
  • Use a wide-tooth comb (like this one) during the washing process to loosen tight ends and aid in detangling.
  • Ensure that the sink and its surrounding area are clean. This will help you manage premium hygiene which is often a concern of washing hair in the sink.
  • Rinse mixed hair thoroughly, focusing on all areas of the hair. When using a shower, you can be sure that the water is being sprayed all over the hair, but with sink washing, you have to be deliberate and ensure that every shampooed part is rinsed thoroughly.
  • Be very careful about our positioning when washing hair in the sink. If you can use a stool to sit, please do. If not, ensure that you are standing in the right position so that would not result in backaches later on. For small children, you might want to consider giving them a headrest (like this one) to lay on for maximum comfort.
  • Keep a clean and quality towel nearby to help you soak up the water from the hair after rinsing, so that it does not drip on the floor and make the whole place messy and slippery. I usually use a few kid hair towels, but I also have specific hair towels designated for wash day only.
wash mixed hair

This post was all about how to wash toddler hair.

Washing toddler hair in the sink has a lot of advantages, however, there are a few concerns.

Hygiene and safety are things to consider but can be resolved by following best home practices.

No other method gives you full control over your child’s hair, product application, and intentionality during shampooing as much as the sink method.

It also helps detangle your child’s hair more easily during the washing process, which could prevent breakage and hair damage.

Mixed hair care is all about looking for the best methods to take good care of curly hair, and a good sink wash is one of them.

For more mixed hair care content, make sure to check out these posts below or follow in pictures over on Instagram

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