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9 Important Grooming Tips You Need for Grooming A Golden Retriever

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Golden retrievers are best known for their flowing, golden coats of thick, soft fur. They are also known for their loyal, equable temper and love for people who care for them. As a Golden Retriever dog mom, I’m sharing tips every dog mom needs for grooming a Golden Retriever.

If you’re nervous about at-home dog grooming, Golden Retrievers are even-tempered, and their coats are easy to care for, grooming them does not have to be a task, but it should be a great time for you and your dog.

This post is all about grooming a Golden Retriever.

1. Brush him from head to toe.

Pay attention to each area while taking your time on parts of his body where the fur is matted or thick. Keep his coat in good shape by brushing him from head to toe at least weekly if not daily. This is important as it helps decrease the amount of fur he sheds at home.

In order to master grooming a Golden Retriever, you need to make your pup comfortable before grooming. You can achieve this by taking a couple of minutes to pet him and letting him explore his surrounding before brushing or washing him.

2. Remove matted fur that is too tangled to be brushed out

Mats that develop on your dog’s coat should be minimal if you are brushing him weekly. You can remove these mats by cutting them out with scissors while being careful not to cut them in the process.

Try to brush a mat out before cutting it. Hold his fur above the mat (close to his skin) so as to protect him from extreme pulling. Gently brush his fur, starting at the tip of the mat and working your way in towards his skin.

3. Bathe him with a quality dog shampoo and warm water.

If your dog is dirty and smelly, ensure to bathe him before grooming. If he has had a bath recently, you can skip the bath until after grooming so as to get rid of excess fur in the end. Apply the dog’s shampoo all over his body, then rinse and rub dry using a clean towel.

You can also blow-dry your dog’s fur if you need a show-worthy coat. Lastly, comb your dog again after bathing. Combing or brushing him will give you a good starting point for grooming as it straightens his coat. You can also use an undercoat comb to get as much undercoat out as possible before thinning.

grooming a golden retriever

Trimming the Golden Retriever’s coat

4. Persistently avoid trimming his entire coat

A Golden Retriever has a double coat, consisting of an overcoat and an undercoat. This double coat is designed to keep them at a comfortable temperature in all seasons. Golden retrievers trap cool air between their coats on hot days and trap warm air between their coats on cold days.

Trimming their entire hair will inhibit this natural heating and cooling system. You don’t need to use clippers to trim your dog. A pair of trimming shears and a pair of scissors are enough to do the trimming.

5. Trim the fur on his feet and legs

See to it that you trim the fur around the bottom of his feet. The edges get a lot of fuzzy hair growth that needs to be trimmed away with a pair of scissors.

Then, trim in between his toes. Brush up the hair between his toes and trim it to the level of the top of his feet, then comb it all down to the level of his pads. Remember to inspect your dog’s pads while focusing on his feet.

Use your trimming shears to remove the fur on the back of your golden retriever’s legs. You don’t have to remove all the longer fur that grows near his rear end, but you want to achieve a balanced and symmetrical coat.

Focus on trimming off the fuzzy and unkempt fur. The fur on the back of your golden retriever’s legs will be longer than the fur on the front of his legs. The fur on the front will lay flat against the dog while the fur on the back of his legs should be flaring out behind the dog.

6. Thin the undercoat against his neck and chest.

Use your thinning shears around his shoulder, then focus your attention on the front of your golden retriever, thinning the hair on his fur until lies flat. Focus on trimming the fuzzy and unkempt fur instead of trimming it to a particular length.

If you are unsure if you have removed enough hair, comb the coat out and see if the coat is lying flat. The goal is to have a nice flat coat that is balanced and symmetrical.

7. Trim your Golden Retriever’s ears and tail

Thin the fur around the back and front of your dog’s ears. This is vital as it keeps your golden retriever’s ears healthy.

Trim the fur on his ears, taking stray hair off the top of them using the thinning shears.

Trim his tail by tapering it from the base to the tip using thinning shears to make it look natural.

grooming a golden retriever

8. Wipe your Golden Retriever’s eyes and clean his ears.

Grooming a Golden Retrievers is incomplete without paying attention to their eyes and ears. You can use mineral oil and cotton balls for these specifics of dog grooming. Be careful not to get it directly in your golden retriever’s eyes.

9. Cut his toenails

Cutting your dog’s toenails can be a delicate operation because he needs to keep his feet still to avoid injury. Take your time, use a good nail trimmer, and avoid cutting above the quick.

You can train your golden retriever to associate good things with his feet being done by giving him treats whenever you trim his toenails. You can then apply dry shampoo to groom your dog if you don’t want to bathe him.

Work the powder into your dog’s skin and leave it on for twenty minutes. Brush his fur to remove excess powder after the twenty minutes have elapsed.

This post was all about dog grooming tips.

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