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6 Shocking Reasons Why Adopt Don’t Shop May Be The Wrong Decision

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adopt don't shop

You’ve heard the debate of adopt don’t shop, and the seemingly distaste towards purebred adoptions.

If you’re leaning towards a purebred, are you really that bad of a bad person?

Imagine you have set up everything, ready to welcome your new furry companion: collar, identification tag, toys, and a cozy bed— everything is in place.

However, you have one pain: do you adopt a mixed or purebred puppy?

All these are viable options that most pet owners like you come face to face with.

And if you make the wrong choice, you might end up surrendering your dog to a rescue center if you cannot keep up with its vast needs.

So is the balance tilting towards purebreds?

This post is all about why “adopt don’t shop” may not work for you. 

adopt don't shop

1. You Can Predict the Temperament and Personality of a Purebred

The biggest advantage of adopting a purebred dog is its temperaments and personality, which are easier to predict than a mutt or mixed breed.

Aware of that, you can easily pick a dog you know will fit your lifestyle.

For example, if you are a farm person with sheep and cattle, it would be best to adopt a purebred Australian shepherd or a Border collie.

All these dogs have herding genes ingrained in their DNA and can suit a person who spends most of the time in the field.

It’s better to have an environment where you know such a dog with these herding genes will thrive.

If not, you will often find your Aussie or Border collie nipping your children’s heels as if it’s herding them since it has no other ‘job.’

On the other hand, if you are more of a couch potato person, you can choose a pure breed lap dog.

These dogs would rather lay on your laps than play alone in your backyard.

Lastly, if you live with children, you can adopt a dog that is well known to tolerate the playful behavior of children. 

2. It’s Easy To Predict The Health Issues Likely To Affect Your Purebred.

Often, mixed dog breeds are unpredictable when it comes to their health issues.

It’s not only backyard breeders who may breed sickly puppies.

Even a reputable breeder with the purest of intentions may breed mixed puppies only for them to develop severe and rare disorders.  

That’s why adopting a pure breed is a better decision if you are concerned about the health issues of the pup, you are to get.

Such predictability gives you an upper hand in many ways.

For example, you may create an environment less likely to exacerbate any condition you know is more likely to hit your dog.

 You may research dietary needs, exercise routines, and lifestyle, which can help prevent such conditions from striking your dog.

For example, since you know German shepherds are prone to bloat, ensure it’s not exercising after clearing a bowl of food.

You should also ensure such a dog is eating its meals in separate portions, not a large meal once a day.

3. You Want a Dog That Can Participate In Show Competitions

Believe it or not, having a dog that can participate in show competitions isn’t as far-fetched of an idea as you might think.

And there are people who use this as a reason for adopting a purebred.

If you are into show dogs, more so in the competition organized by reputable kennel clubs.

These competitions have strict guidelines on which type of dogs should participate and primarily allow pure breeds with verifiable bloodlines.

When you adopt from any rescue center, even in those breed-specific rescue centers, at times, you may not have the luxury of getting the proper documents that show this dog is purebred. 

However, breeders can provide you with everything you need to know that this dog you are about to rehome is purebred—for example, the pup and its parent’s gene tests. 

adopt don't shop

Where to Get a Purebred

There are various centers you can get a purebred.

All you need to do is avoid getting a dog from craigslist, newspaper ads, or Facebook.

Here are some possible areas you can consider. Worth noting, learn to trust your guts.

If everything sounds so true to be good, steer clear away. 

1. Rescue Centers and Animal Shelters

Yes, you can find a purebred dog surrendered by a family that was relocating.

Or, the owner has to be hospitalized and cannot manage to fulfill the dog’s needs.

I actually adopted my purebred Golden Retriever, Takoda for a friend who needed to rehome him.

2. A Reputable Breeder

If you cannot find a purebred puppy from a shelter, the next option is to visit a breeder. 

  • Ensure you visit a reputable breeder who is authentic.
  • The breeder is ready to show you the parents of the puppy.
  • The puppy should be interacting with its mother freely when you are there.
  • The breeder should be ready to show you all the puppies and the parents’ health certificates. Also, the breeding center needs to be clean, not full of sickly puppies.

The only drawback is that you may have to be on the waiting list, as most breeders breed puppies in one or two batches. 

adopt don't shop

Why ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’ Might Not Be Right for You

You have often read that visiting a rescue center or shelter should be your first option when you are ready to rehome a dog.

Even though such is noble, ‘adopt don’t shop’ might not be right for you.

 You see, some pet owners get dogs from rescue centers only to return them as they later realize the dogs are not what they wanted.

Why is adopting a dog never right for you?

1. You Want To Get a Dog With Fewer Health Conditions

When you choose a dog from a reputable breeder, you are adamant that the dog you are getting is almost 100 % healthy.

Most breeders will subject their puppies to a series of tests to ensure the purebred you are to get has fewer chances of acquiring any genetic disease.

They also ensure they combine the healthiest of genes during breeding time.

Reputable breeders will run some tests on the pup’s parents, ensuring no condition is transferred to the next generation.

2. You Need a Dog That Has Been Receiving Great Care Right from Day One

Most dogs surrendered to rescue centers have an unforgettable past.

Some are from puppy mills or irresponsible families.  

When you get one from a reputable breeder, you are adamant that this puppy has been on premium care from day one, and no experience might traumatize it once you rehome it.

3. They are easy to train

Although some dogs in rescue centers are well trained, not all have that privilege.

Others have traumatic experiences that might make it challenging to transform.

However, getting a puppy means you are ready to start on a clean slate and mold your enthusiastic puppy.

adopt don't shop

What You Need To Consider Before You Welcome A Purebred In Its Forever Home

1. Have You Reviewed The Breed Needs?

Check what this breed requires for it to thrive.

Does it need lots of mental and physical exercise? What of the diet? Does it require regular grooming sessions?

After asking yourself such questions, check whether you can manage to fulfill that.

If you find most of your answers are negative, then perhaps you should choose another breed.

2. What Are Your Living Conditions?

Do you live in an apartment?

Then adopting a purebred Labrador Retriever might not be fit for your lifestyle.

In such a scenario, you may need a small-sized purebred dog that doesn’t require too much space to thrive.

A breed with high energy levels might suit you if you have a huge compound.

3. Discuss With the Vet

A qualified vet might have some information that you may need to help you choose a purebred dog best for your lifestyle.

Purebreds are considered healthy, especially if they are from a reputable breeder.

Such a breeder runs many tests to ensure no health conditions are transferred from generation to generation. 

However, when asked about mixed or purebred puppies, most experts can agree mixed puppies are healthier.

Mixed puppies are resilient and immune to health issues commonly associated with their purebred parents.

adopt don't shop

This post was all about why “adopt don’t shop” isn’t for everybody.

Adopt, don’t shop is always right. However, it might not be suitable for everyone.

When you adopt a mixed or purebred puppy, ensure you give it premium care.

Don’t pick up any dog from a rescue center from a breeder only for you to return it since it is much beyond what you expected.

It is better you spend more than a year researching the breed you need and prepare the best home for it than rush and get a dog you don’t seem to like.

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