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Is Barkbox Worth It? A Non-Sponsored 12-Month Review

by victoriavadenking
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is barkbox worth it

As a dog parent, you probably heard of monthly subscription services for dog accessories. 

Most have enticing and irresistible features, all geared to entertain your dog.

One such subscription service for dogs that I have tried is Barkbox.

I hopped on this program as one of my dogs, Avera is an aggressive chewer.

So having a program that included a variety of [durable] toys in each box monthly was worth a try.

That’s why I have created this Barkbox review to help you make a wise decision.

Stick on to learn more about the program’s cost, shopping, and minor details.

So, is Barkbox worth it?

is barkbox worth it

What Is Barkbox?

Barkbox is a monthly subscription service for dogs’ toys and treats. Its main headquarters are in New York, United States.

Each box has two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and one delicious chew. All of them are tailored as per your dog’s needs.

The toys in the box vary. What you receive this month should not repeat.

Although I did experience this, Barkbox actually apologized before I even noticed, and sent out an additional box to correct their mistake.

What I love is that the quality of the chew and plush toys is high-quality standards.

I find the toys to be fun and [very] durable, unlike what you find in most pet shops.

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The tasty treats are also wheat, soy, and corn free.

My dogs know when Barkbox ships because they are jumping, tails wagging, and sniffing the box when it arrives.

What I find unique about Barkbox is the never-boring themes- from Jurassic world theme to Star Wars, the fun themes are always fascinating.

When signing up, all you need is to create an online profile.

In this profile, you fill in all the necessary information about your dog.

Afterward, you choose the one-month, six months, or twelve months subscription.

is barkbox worth it

Barkbox Cost 

The cost of Barkbox depends on your current subscription.

In the long run, I observed that it’s cheaper to subscribe for the 6- or 12-month options.

Here is a breakdown of the cost.

Yearly plan 23 dollars a month
6 months26 dollars a month
1 month 35 dollars per month

Classic Plus Extra Toy Plans

If you need an extra toy, there is a plan for that. Here is the cost breakdown.

Be on the lookout for sign up sales around holidays, because you can sometimes get a free extra toy option like I did.

Yearly plan30$ (23 $ + 7 $ extra toy)
6 months plan 33$ (26$ +7$ extra toy)
1-month plan 44 $ (35$ + 9$ extra toy)

It’s nice that if you just want to test the waters with the subscription, you can first start with the 1-month plan.

Afterward, observe whether your dog will be happy with the interactive plush toys and tasty treats.

After you are comfortable, you can get 6- or 12 months plans.

Things to Keep In Mind

For the 6- and 12-month subscriptions, you are billed for each box on the first of every month.

In case you decide to cancel midway, you will be charged for the remaining boxes.

is barkbox worth it

Barkbox Shipping 

After ordering, the first box is shipped immediately, and you can get it within two (2) to eight (8) business days.

In Canada, it can take eight (8) to 12 business days to receive your shipment.

Worth noting, that shipping within the 48 contiguous United States is charged a small fee.

However, it’s free if you add any premium add-ons to your monthly subscription.

I also find it easy to track my orders through a link sent to my email.

But I usually have already received them before I even remember to track them.

So far, I have never had a challenge in receiving any package.

Customer support is always quick to contact you for help if you are stuck anywhere.

is barkbox worth it

Benefits Of Barkbox

So, is Barkbox worth it?

Below is why I found Barkbox to be the best dog toy and treat monthly subscription service for dogs.

1. It’s Customizable For Your Dog’s Needs

You can easily customize the type of toys you need for your dog or the type of treats.

I find it easy to order treats, toys that fit my dog’s play style, and food allergies.

Never have I ever seen them miss the mark on that. 

Specifically, I signed up for the Superchewer option, because as I mentioned, Avera is an aggressive chewer.

She has yet to destroy a toy, and some of the toys actually have a toy hidden inside so ripping it is encouraged.

That just shows how much thought went into their design of Barkbox’s dog toys (huge bonus)!

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2. Saves Time

I find Barkbox worth it as it helps me save time I would have spent searching for the best treats and toys in a pet store.

You see, most of the time, you may not be living near a pet store where you can fetch toys and treats for your dog.

That is where Barkbox comes in!

They supply you with all these essentials in the first two weeks of the month.

You don’t have to break your back to fetch pet supplies in a pet store that lives miles and miles away.

When we lived in Florida, we were a 30-minute drive to the closest pet shop.

Barkbox sorts you on that, as they deliver all these goodies right to your doorstep.

is barkbox worth it

The Cost of Barkbox Is Worth It

One glaring benefit of Barkbox is that you will save a lot of money.

I find it expensive to buy chews, toys, and treats separately (especially when you have an aggressive chewer like my furkid).

Sometimes these might cost you 50 dollars at a go, and they are never enough.

For example, if you opt for the classic extra toy plan monthly subscription, you will have saved 6 dollars at a go.

And the longer the plan, the more money you will have saved.

is barkbox worth it

The Treats Are All Natural

Giving your dog treats that will leave it with stinky diarrhea can be disheartening.

Some of the treats you get from local pet stores are made of low-quality ingredients that are never safe for a dog.

However, the Barkbox treats are different.

All the treats included in the box are all-natural.

They are not made of some common culprits that trigger allergies in dogs.

Moreover, these ingredients are sourced from the USA and Canada.

They are also rigorously tested before getting in your dog’s subscription box.

is barkbox worth it

The Customer Support Service 

Like I did, I’m also sure other pet parents can confirm that Barkbox customer support service is of the highest class.

As I mentioned the error with a duplicate box, Barkbox customer support quickly sent a replacement before I even noticed.

They are also quick to send any replacements of toys your dog destroys with ease.

You Can Easily Upgrade

Do you have a powerful chewer who finds these toys easy to break? Here’s where the Superchewer option comes in handy.

You can upgrade your box to the extreme chewer option.

And this variety of toys for tough chewers is awesome.

Get 2X THE FREE GOODIES on your first order Today!

Every box contains

  • 2 tough toys

Even though these toys are termed as tough, you ought to realize that no toys are completely indestructible.

The good thing is that these toys in the Barkbox are made of high-quality materials that are hard to break or cause damage to your dog’s teeth.

  • 2 full sized bags of treats

These treats are customized per the specifications you have submitted.

  • 2 meaty chews

These chews are made to challenge your dog to the limit, perfect for gnawing and eating.

Wait for it — this box has 45 dollars worth of toys!

is barkbox worth it

Is It Hard to Cancel Barkbox?

Canceling your subscription on Barkbox is not a hard process. There are two ways to do it.

You can contact their customer service by sending an email to them at happy@barkbox.com

You can also cancel the Barkbox subscription on their website. 

Visit the website and login into your profile.

Next, visit the account page and from this page, you can stop any auto-renewals.

We temporarily stopped our subscription to reassess our budget (my husband thinks I have too many subscriptions).

But, the process was literally just the click of a button.

Are Barkbox Toys Safe for Dogs?

All toys included in the Barkbox package are safe for your dog.

These toys are made of high-quality materials that won’t pose a hazard to your dog.

is barkbox worth it

So, Is Barkbox Worth It?

I know you have read many Barkbox reviews and are wondering whether it’s a worthy option. 

If you want a consistent supply of toys and treats for your dog, don’t hesitate to subscribe to any Barkbox subscription programs.

When it comes to price, nothing beats Barkbox.

Compared to what I spent earlier; I can confirm I have saved more money.

The prices in each program are justifiable.

And you can note a huge difference once you’re in the 6 or 12-month subscription program.

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