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Is Myrtle Beach Dog Friendly? How Our Overnight Trip Actually Went

by victoriavadenking
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is myrtle beach dog friendly

If you’re wondering if trying to make your upcoming trip to Myrtle Beach dog friendly, here’s a quick overview on how and where to include your pup.

Because we were moving cross-country, we needed to break up our trip, and I scoured Air BnB to find a suitable place for a family of four and our pup.

This post is about how to make your vacation in Myrtle Beach dog friendly.

Firstly, Myrtle Beach is an amazing location, but we had trouble finding a place to stay that would allow our dog.

Surprisingly, we booked a studio BnB with a waterfront view right on the beach itself.

Our host was very kind and thorough leading up to our stay.

Usually, I only shower at 5-star hotels because I don’t have to worry about random bits of hair on towels or in the shower, but I was able to enjoy a hot shower here after driving up from Florida.

myrtle beach dog friendly
This was Avera’s first time in a hotel with us

The view is very nice to wake up to, and I loved that there were two separate balconies so you could enjoy your view with your choice of privacy.

I would err on the side of caution when booking during the holiday weekend because we had to find local police and ask for their help on how to get back.

The entire road was blocked off and it took us 30 minutes just to get back.

Regardless, we would love to stay there again, just not during a major holiday especially if you are traveling with pets and small children.

myrtle beach dog friendly hotels
Patricia Grande renovated bedroom

The Best Dog-Friendly Restaurant in Myrtle Beach

We were waiting for our stay to be available and needed a kid AND pet-friendly restaurant to visit for the time being.

My husband did a quick google search and found Tupelo Honey.

Neither of us knew what we were getting into, but we are SO glad we decided to venture on over.

best dog friendly restaurants in myrtle beach
Avera enjoyed the NOTORIOUS D.O.G bowl.

The staff was overly kind and courteous.

We were seated immediately upon arrival.

They were very accommodating, and even had a doggie menu!

This is the first restaurant I’ve seen to offer a doggy menu because usually, it’s just a dog bowl and water that is offered.

The food was very tasty!

The colors and food presentation were very impressive.

We would not hesitate to visit here for our next trip to Myrtle Beach.

best dog friendly restaurants in myrtle beach
I ordered the Rainbow Acovado Bowl

This post was all about our Myrtle Beach dog friendly trip.

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