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What It’s Like Owning A Golden Retriever As A Black Person

by victoriavadenking
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I’m sure you read the title aloud a few times. (I know I did.) Do black people own Golden Retrievers? No, I guess they really don’t. To be fair, growing up, I only saw Golden Retrievers on television. I didn’t know anyone who personally owned one. But it didn’t dawn on me until I saw another Instagram Influencer pose the question that got me thinking. So, here’s what it’s like owning a Golden Retriever as a Black person.

This post is all about owning a Golden Retriever.

To jump right in, we adopted a Golden Retriever (despite all stereotypes). To throw more shock to our story, we adopted our beloved Golden a week before I gave birth to our third child. I mean, if you’re going to adopt a 94-lb Golden Retriever, you may as well do it right.

My Instagram community knows I have missed having a bigger dog in the house since my Pit Bull/Boxer mix, Cody was put to sleep two years ago. I spent the last year and a half watching others dogs’ on the Rover app to have an extra set of paws around in the house. And I could tell a shift in Avera’s behavior now when her big brother didn’t return home.

what it's like owning a golden retriever
Victoria Vaden with the new Golden Retriever

Bringing Home Our New Golden Retriever

To give a quick backstory for first-time readers, a high school friend reached out to me on Instagram. She said she was looking to rehome her three-year-old Golden Retriever and did not want to give him to a shelter or rescue. At the time, we were still in Florida and did not anticipate moving back to the Tri-State area. Clearly, God had other plans. Four months later, we did, in fact, move.

My husband was adamant about not getting another fur baby with our son due in the Fall. But, the way to win my husband over was just a few screenshots and photos. He was enamored, and who couldn’t be? It’s one thing to fall in love with a dog…but it’s another to fall in love with such a regal-looking animal. Personally, I’d always had mixed breed dogs from the local SPCA and rescue. Now, I understand the obsession with purebred dogs.

owning a golden retriever

Life As A New Golden Retriever Owner

Long story short, we adopted Cooper a week before I gave birth. To be sure, we dog-sat Cooper for a week in order to make his transition easier, for everyone. And each day, I am learning something new about our new baby (the furry one).

It’s true when they say that Golden Retrievers are great family pets. With a six- and two-year-old at home, it’s so amazing to see how patient Cooper is with small children. And the bond that Cooper and I developed in such a short time with SO many transitions makes my heart just melt. He has transitioned extremely well whereas other dog breeds may have spun into complete anxiety because honestly, this was a stressful transition.

But, I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

Before you go, make sure to check out this post, Tips for New Golden Retriever Owners.

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Caitlyn January 5, 2022 - 5:44 pm

He looks so happy in his new home! Golden Retrievers are amazing. Everyone I know that has one says so and yes they are very patient with kids. I also understand the obsession with purebred dogs and I also want to thank you for also taking in (in the past) mixed breed dogs from the SPCA. I also do this as much as I can because I want to give a better life to more dogs.

I wish you all the best and may 2022 bring everything you’ve wished for and more!

victoriavadenking January 7, 2022 - 12:48 am

Thank you so much, I really appreciate this comment. Dogs are amazing creatures. I cannot imagine living without one.


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