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How To Pray for Your Future Husband

by victoriavadenking
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how to pray for your future husband

You may have noticed the “trend” in praying for your future husband.

But, this isn’t new.

If you were raised with Disney princes as your inspiration (like me), then you were probably shocked to realize how skewed dating to marry really is.

So, if you’re wondering how to pray for your future husband, keep on reading.

This post is all about how to pray for your future husband.

how to pray for your future husband

I’ve shared on Instagram that I prayed for my husband exactly 10 years before we met.

And I prayed a prayer daily.

I wrote down everything I envisioned my husband to be, and I was descriptive and specific.

Setting up a standard of who should I marry was not enough to cover me from marital problems.

I did not realize that just knowing my worth and preparing myself to be a good wife will not spare me from lack of intimacy, financial problems, trust issues, poor communication, infidelity, and so on.

Trust God — He knows what He is doing.

God knew the right person who I was going to marry and has led me to him.

But how come there were still arguments and daily stresses?

It is because I invested only in myself and not in my husband, too.

That is why, ladies, it is important you know how to pray for your future husband.

Men have battles too that they never talk about – and many of them are losing the fight.

A committed prayer for him means you trust God can forgive, heal, guide, and change his entire story.

Knowing how to pray for your future husband means you value your relationship enough to not let the enemy ruin your destiny.

Your future husband’s heart is one of the most important aspects you should pray for.

His relationship with God should be his foundation, and every idol or desire that is not in His will should be torn down.

Praying for it will not allow the enemy’s distractions to stand in the way of His relationship with you and God.

There may be mistakes your future husband has made in his life.

But, he should not struggle with shame, soul ties, or generational curses.

Let freedom be his portion by praying for God to remind him that his identity is in Him.

His mistakes were forgotten by God, and he should, too.

Anything that is tied to him (like ex-lovers) must be broken by praying for him to forget the former things and press on towards the future of who God has called him to be. 

Prayer is the best thing you can do for him.

God’s guidance and divine protection will help him walk obediently to his purpose by not squandering the time he was given, but using it to build for your future together.

The enemy may attack him to lead him off track, but it will not prosper because he knows the assignment.

how to pray for your future husband

Pray for your future husband’s sexual purity.

Even if he has been tempted, ask that God may give him a discerning spirit.

Ask Him to present himself as a living sacrifice, holy and able to provide you with a healthy marriage.

Ask God to destroy any false idea about love and help him be in the right position for marriage at the perfect time.

Let him be in alignment with the biblical principles of marriage so that your relationship will glorify the One who made it.

I have questioned God before on how and why it is sometimes hard to live with a man that has a different personality, different background, and different needs.

But these conversations with Him helped me learn how to pray for my husband and for my heart to understand.

Every marriage has its own challenges, and we fought for it to keep it.

We stayed for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

God has brought me peace that it is not too late for both of us to entrust our relationship to Him.

Identify our shortcomings, and commit ourselves to one another.

Work as a team by sharing the same vision and goals to achieve both individually and together.

It is not yet too late for you too!

Prayer is your first line of defense from entertaining a man who has an impure motive of having a covenant with you.

Do not take it lightly because the enemy is like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.

Save yourself from future heartbreak and suffering by praying for your future husband from head to toe. 

how to pray for your future husband

This post was all about how to pray for your future husband.

No matter what stories you have heard from others, seen with your eyes, or experienced in the past, there are still God-fearing men out there.

No need to rush anything just for the sake that you having something.

Desire to do the right thing.

Be encouraged, for God is your Source.

He has promised provision over your life and that includes a suitable partner.

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