How to Respect Your Husband by Letting Him Lead (Even If He Doesn’t Know How)

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Whether you are wondering what it means how to respect your husband or want a few pointers on working towards a healthy marriage, you are in the right place.

Women are often taught they are the backbone of their husband’s ability to lead in a relationship or marriage.

While there is some truth to this statement, a man’s ability to lead is not dependent on his wife.

That would imply that a husband has no natural ability to lead without his wife.

This post is all about how to respect your husband.

respect your husband

For a long time, men have been viewed as the heads of their households, while women spend time in the background working their magic.

While society is shifting towards a different understanding of healthy relationship dynamics, marriages are shifting too.

So how do you work on yourself and, at the same time, work to raise and empower the man of your household?

Build a Safe Space

For most people to function, basic needs need to be met.

When you look beyond the basic human needs for food and water, you find your way to people’s emotional needs.

It is not your job to carry your husband emotionally, but as his wife, you hold a lot of power over his daily mood.

When you build a safe space at home for him to be emotional and vulnerable, you remind him of his inherent value.

Just the same way your husband can uplift and validate you.

Catering to these emotional needs requires honest intimacy only a wife can provide, and be an amazing stepping stone to respecting your husband.

You do not owe your husband anything, but that does not mean you have no obligation towards him as his partner.

By having this space to feel, heal, and grow.

The natural leadership instincts in your husband will start to show more. He will find release for things that stress or overwhelm him.

This stress can often create blockages, leading to poor leadership or other toxic masculine traits.

respect your husband

Emotional Accountability

One of the worst things you can do for a man is to validate him on a task or situation he did not take care of properly.

While you want to be as loving and supportive as possible for your husband, that sometimes includes difficult honesty.

Part of the faith and trust between couples in a marriage is knowing that your partner always has your best intentions in mind, even when you may feel otherwise.

Being a little critical when expressing your feelings to your husband is okay.

In order to effectively respect your husband, just remember to be empathetic and caring when you approach these types of topics.

How you speak to and address him will greatly impact the outcome of any confrontation.

Doing this will allow him the authentic space and time to grow into the best version of himself.

It will also help to build a solid foundation that will not waver during more difficult times in your marriage.

The support and feedback you give your husband can empower him as a leader.

respect your husband

Men Need to Feel Wanted and Needed Too

This is important for many women who struggle to balance their independence with their marriages.

Marriage should not end your individuality, but you are committing yourself to someone else.

It would help if you learned how to allow yourself the space to be vulnerable and open with your husband.

Without this, your marriage may suffer from a lack of emotional intimacy, which can also lead to a lack of physical intimacy.

Men have a natural inclination to lead.

If you are always undermining their efforts to take control, they will never have the space to grow into the man you know they can be.

It’s difficult for women to understand that men don’t always express themselves the same way as us, but they feel everything very similarly.

Building a connection through communication and respect is very important if your aim is to earnestly respect your husband.

Allow yourself to be led by your husband, and help guide him in the right directions when you believe it is necessary.

But have faith that he will grow and lead you and your family with intellect, love, and grace.

respect your husband

Ultimately, His Leadership Depends on Him

You must remember that the type of leader he is will reflect your relationship and your family.

This is what it means when people say behind every great man is a great woman holding him down.

The energy you put into your marriage daily will become who you are.

It will impact the environment around your home, the emotional atmosphere, and your ability to grow.

You do not determine how your husband leads.

This post was all about how to respect your husband.

A husband’s qualities may be emphasized or heightened by his marriage, but his leadership style is a part of his character.

You can love and support any man, but that does not mean all men make great leaders.

All you can do is focus on being a strong and supportive wife.

Sometimes it’s better to think of it as a different form of leadership. Wives are leaders in their own right, too.

Because of this, in a healthy balanced marriage, women have the power to feed into the strength and leadership of their husbands.

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