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The Best Curly Hair Products at Target 

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best curly hair products at target

Quality Hair Care Products for Your Child’s Naturally Textured Hair 

It should be no surprise that you can find some of the best curly hair products at Target, because, I mean…what’s not to love about Target?

When taking care of your child’s hair, you are most likely looking for simple and effective solutions.

That way, you can focus more on confidently styling your child’s hair.

With the right products, you can help your child have healthy, well-defined curls and hairstyles all week. 

This post is all about the best curly hair products at Target.

The products you choose to use in your child’s hair play a huge role in maintenance.

With the wrong products, you might be left wondering what you are doing wrong.

However, with the right products, you can help build confidence and love in your child’s relationship with their hair.

Let’s check out some of the best curly hair products at Target that might help you master your curl game. 

1. Cantu Natural Hair Curl Activator Cream 

This natural hair cream found at Target is perfect for helping define curls and eliminate frizz.

It is infused with shea butter to enhance your child’s natural hair texture while providing moisturization.

The Natural Hair Curl Activator Cream Is also great for people with a sensitive scalp because it is free of parabens and sulfates.

Work this product through your child’s hair while it is still wet for curl definition that does not compromise the volume of their hair. 

2. Kinky-Curly Original Curling Custard Natural Hair Styling Gel 

This Kinky-Curly custard gel is great for any natural hair type, especially curly hair.

This gel will do the trick if you want a strong hold to keep your child’s hair frizz-free throughout the day.

It’s best to apply this thick custard to very damp hair.

If you don’t, you may not be able to spread the product thoroughly throughout their hair.

The best part about this product is the agave nectar that acts as a humectant.

It will draw moisture into the hair even after it has completely dried. 

3. Suave Professionals Curl Defining Cream with Natural Shea Butter & Pure Coconut Oil 

This curl-defining cream is perfect for your child’s textured hair.

Moisturization is often the most important part of maintaining strong and healthy curls.

Your child’s hair will be filled with moisture with a balanced combination of shea butter and coconut oil.

Suave professionals consulted with over 5,000 women with natural hair to develop the perfect products.

This cream is specially made to smooth away frizz and help manage any breakage along the hair shaft.

This product is for you if you want to keep your child’s hair soft to the touch using all-natural ingredients. 

4. Cream of Nature Pure Honey Moisture Whip Twisting Cream 

This twisting cream is great for helping to combat shrinkage in your child’s hair.

It can be used in protective styles like braids and twists to help enhance definition.

It is also great for a wash n’ go routine to keep curls soft and crunch-free.

The best part is that this cream is perfect for all natural hair types.

It’s also sulfate-free, so your child’s hair is left in the best condition possible. 

5. Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie 

This product has the perfect hold if your child has thick, luxurious curls.

It works super well on kinky and coily textured hair, looking for moisturization and definition.

It can help enhance your child’s curls and promote bounce without being too heavy on the hair. 

6. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream with Shea Butter 

The best way to maintain your child’s healthy hair is to use products that promote manageability on textured hair.

This curling cream is great for adding moisture and helping to properly detangle thick textured hair.

This product is sulfate-free and silicone free, making it perfect for daily use. 

7. Eco Style Professional Olive Oil Styling Gel 

This popular natural hair styling product is made with 100% pure olive oil.

Eco-styler gel is perfect for any hair type.

It can help to protect your child’s hair from harmful UV rays and other harsh environmental factors.

This helps to prevent unnecessary damage to fragile natural hair.

Eco styler gel is designed to lock in moisture without causing buildup on the hair follicle.

It also works well for sensitive scalps because of its anti-itch properties. 

8. Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls 

This hair lotion was designed to fit a variety of ethnic hair types.

It helps to provide moisture and definition with a super soft hold.

If your child is combating frizz, it works to soothe stray hairs while providing a healthy shine.

The light hold helps to prevent unwanted buildup in the hair while enhancing manageability. 

This post was all about the best curly hair products at Target.

These are just a handful of the best curly hair products at Target. Believe it or not, there are more!

As you learn more about managing your child’s wonderful curls, you will surely come across many hair care products.

It’s a good idea to focus on products low in chemicals like sulfates, silicones, and parabens.

Curly hair tends to be more fragile and prone to damage when exposed to these harsh ingredients over time.

Creams, lotions, custards, and gels are great curl-enhancing solutions for your child’s hair. 

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If you found this post helpful (or you have a house full of kids with mixed curly hair), make sure to check my other posts below about mixed hair care and the best way to care for your child’s natural hair.

If you also have kids with opposite hair types, click here to read more and join us on Instagram to catch us in real-time as we live out our daily Do You Even Mom moments.

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