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The Best Drugstore Products for Curly Hair 

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best drugstore products for curly hair

Hair Care Solutions for Your Child’s Naturally Curly Hair 

When it comes to maintaining your child’s curls, different hair care solutions can help.

Some of the best drugstore products for curly hair can be found if you are looking for affordable curly hair products.

They often come with a great supply of curly and textured hair products.

This post is all about the best drugstore products for curly hair.

It can become a hassle when you don’t know what products work best for curly hair.

Here are a few solutions that are sure to work wonders in keeping your child’s hair defined and moisturized.

When you are more confident in their hair care, it helps your child become more confident in their hair too.

Lead your child by example with some of these simple and effective drugstore products for curly hair. 

1. Not Your Mother’s Curl Talk Frizz Control Sculpting Gel 

This product might be the solution to tame your child’s stubborn frizz.

Some curly hair types struggle more with frizzy hair, and this product is a great solution if that’s the case for your child.

Its strong hold will help them retain their curls throughout the day.

For thicker curls, you can comb this sculpting gel through the hair.

If you want to minimize product use for curls that take easily to buildup, you can even just scrunch it in the hair for great results. 

2. Aussie’s Miracle Curls Detangling Milk Treatment 

This paraben-free curly hair product is the perfect affordable solution to all your detangling woes.

Add this to your child’s hair before combing or brushing it through.

You will notice quickly how the coconut oil and jojoba oil found in this product soothe knots with ease.

You’ll be slippin’ and slidin’ right through wash day without a worry in the world.

The best part about this detangling milk treatment is that it helps keep your child’s curls moisturized over time.

Doing this helps minimize knots between washing and styling their natural curls. 

3. Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La Defining Curl Custard 

This curl-defining custard is perfect for a strong hold if your child’s hair loses moisture easily.

It can easily be used for protective styles like twists and braids.

It also works perfectly well to comb it through the hair and scrunch the curls afterward.

It’s best to let the hair air dry afterward.

The unique thing about this curl custard is that you can even use it on dry hair to boost moisture and protection. 

4. Marc Anthony Strictly Curls Curl Envy Cream 

This product was specifically designed for coarse curls to help smooth and define the hair follicle.

If you’re working with a child whose hair is thick and prone to frizz, this is the product for you.

This curl cream comes infused with avocado, shea butter, and Vitamin E to add extra moisture to the hair. 

This gives the hair more time to absorb moisture as the product sits on the hair throughout the day.

When your kid’s curls are moisturized, they are bouncy and luxurious, and that’s an opportunity that is impossible to pass up. 

5. Garnier Fructis Style Curl Stretch Loosening Pudding 

We all know how curls can cause the hair to shrink into itself, often losing a lot of visible length.

If you are looking for a product to help elongate your child’s curls, this loosening pudding might do the trick.

Applying this product to very wet hair is best to work with the full length of your child’s curls.

It won’t prevent any of the beautiful natural texture in your child’s hair, either.

It will simply work with their natural curl pattern to create a bit less shrinkage as the hair drys.

It even adds some extra moisture without leaving the hair feeling greasy. 

6. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Refresher Spray 

This product is designed to help with the upkeep of your child’s hair.

It’s great to use when styling, but it also acts as a boosting refreshment when applied to day-old hair.

This product contains wheat protein and sweet almond oil that adds moisture and a refreshing smell to the hair.

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk gives a boost and will leave your child’s curls soft to the touch. 

7. John Freida Frizz Ease Dream Curls Styling Foam 

This product is perfect for children with wavy and curly hair.

It works with the natural texture of your child’s hair to prevent unnecessary frizz.

This product works best when you allow your child’s curly hair to air dry free of heat.

This hair product is super lightweight, and it will leave curly and wavy hair visibly defined and soft to the touch.

Just scrunch the styling foam into your child’s hair once it has been styled as desired.

Once you apply this foam, they are good to go. 

8. Pantene Pro-V Wave and Curl Defining Hydrating Crème 

Pantene made this product with combating environmental humidity in mind.

Between unwanted frizz and messing with the natural texture of your child’s curls, you know humidity causes chaos.

Use this product for a soft, bouncy curl in any weather.

This lightweight formula is perfect for defined curls in the warm summer weather. 

This post was all about the best drugstore products for curly hair.

Check out some of these affordable drugstore solutions for maintaining your child’s healthy curls.

Whether you are battling against shrinkage, frizz, dryness, or humidity, there is a hair care product just for your child’s hair.

You’ll quickly and easily become a super mom or dad when you whip out these magical curl sculpting products.

Help your child build a healthy relationship with their hair by keeping it well taken of any day of the week. 

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If you found this post helpful (or you have a house full of kids with mixed curly hair), make sure to check my other posts below about mixed hair care and the best way to care for your child’s natural hair.

If you also have kids with opposite hair types, click here to read more and join us on Instagram to catch us in real-time as we live out our daily Do You Even Mom moments.

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