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Hair Growth for Kids + Why Your Child’s Hair Isn’t Growing

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hair growth for kids

Curly hair is a mystery in and of itself. But when atop a child of a different race than your own, you may be scratching your head why his or her hair responds to not just products, but also hair growth differently.

If you’ve been scouring the internet trying to find at least one hair growth for kids remedy for mixed hair, look no further. We’ll go into the foundational steps you’ll need to better understand what may be hindering your child’s hair growth.

This post is all about hair growth for kids.

Learning how to best take care of your child’s hair can be time-consuming and overwhelming, especially for parents with biracial children.

Sometimes their hair is not exactly the same as yours, so they require extra care and products to maintain healthy hair.

Natural hair is thick but very delicate and needs to be treated with patience and care.

If you notice that your child’s hair is not growing, or they have been experiencing more breakage and hair loss than you are comfortable with, there are a few things you can try.

Here are a couple of hair care tips that, when put into play, can solve many issues regarding hair loss and hair growth for kids.

hair growth for kids

Mixed hair needs more moisture

A lack of moisture is one of the easiest problems to solve in hair growth for kids. Curly hair has very fine strands that coil into themselves, making it difficult for natural hair to absorb moisture.

And like that’s not enough to worry about, natural hair also has difficulty retaining moisture. This means your child may have low-porosity hair.

To counter this, you can incorporate more moisturization into their hair care regimen.

There are many different solutions to this problem that you can try, from deep conditioning treatments a few times a month to adding a moisturizing hair cream to the products you put in their hair.

Another great way to combat a lack of moisture is by doing less to the hair. That means:

  • less shampoo
  • less harmful ingredients
  • and less styling altogether

You can try incorporating more low manipulation hairstyles and protective hairstyles in order to further lock in moisture and prevent overly dry hair.

hair growth for kids

Too many split ends and breakage

Mixed hair is really good at hiding its split ends, and if you don’t notice them long enough, it can negatively affect your hair growth for kids.

Between the natural elements, their hair is exposed to during playtime and all the upkeep and styling their tresses go through, your child’s hair may be experiencing some breakage.

Breakage usually happens at the ends of the hair follicle. It tends to be more noticeable on straight and wavey hair because of how the hair falls from the head.

Breakage indicates that the ends of your child’s hair are ready for a trim or even a cut, depending on the damage. It’s pretty natural for hair to break at the ends because the hair strand just gets older as it grows.

But it can become a larger issue when the hair is too dry or over-manipulated because it promotes more breakage. The ends of the hair become too stressed and start breaking at the point of stress.

When overlooked, the hair can continue breaking further and further up the hair follicle, turning minor breakage into more major hair loss.

It’s safe to ensure you have a routine schedule to trim the ends of your child’s hair to keep it healthy and discourage any breakage.

hair growth for kids

Stressful Hairstyling or Detangling

You must be mindful of the process when you brush thick curly hair. It’s best to separate the hair into four or six sections before you begin brushing or detangling.

Be sure to also begin detangling from the ends of the hair, gradually working your way to the roots, and never brush natural hair while it is dry.

This will minimize breakage on the ends which, in turn, will help in hair growth for kids as it allows you to regulate the level of tension you are putting on the rest of the hair follicle.

Once you master detangling their hair, you must be sure not to use hairstyles that pull on the hair too tightly.

Moisturized hair naturally has a certain level of healthy elasticity where it will return to its natural shape after being stretched out. But even moisturized hair loses moisture as time passes.

The lower the hair porosity, the quicker the moisture loss will be between hairstyles and wash days.

This means it also loses some of its elasticity, and hairstyles that are too tight will become more harmful to the hair follicle than they originally were.

hair growth for kids

This post was all about hair growth for kids.

It takes a caring and supportive parent to really want to help foster the growth of their child’s hair.

So it can be alarming when you start noticing sudden breakage or shedding on your child’s head, or it appears their hair growth has stopped.

This article is just a few ways you can start to educate yourself more on the care of naturally textured hair.

There are so many hands-on things that you can try to help improve hair growth and health for someone who might be dealing with breakage or damage to their hair.

Mixed hair takes a lot of patience, and some things that work for others may be different for you and your child.

Make a few adjustments to their hair care regimen at a time, and see how they affect your child’s mixed hair. Then, you can continue to do whatever is necessary to find the perfect fit to keep their hair healthy and moisturized.

Remember when trying to promote hair growth for kids, keep it fun and enjoy the adventure as you and your child explore the world of curly hair.

If you enjoyed this post, make sure to check out the posts below on more mixed hair care.

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