Do You Even Mom?

by victoriavadenking

Welcome to the little corner of the internet that I’ve carved out just for us to connect. Do You Even Mom is envisioned to be a tiny oasis for the not-so-perfect, spit-up-stained, crayon-conquering, smile-through-anything super-mamas out there who are looking for a familiar face online.

victoria vaden king

My name is Victoria Vaden and I’m an English graduate turned full-time YouTuber with three gorgeous little humans and a super-dad by my side.

It was not so long ago that I found myself expecting my eldest daughter, excited to be starting a new journey but utterly terrified at the same time.

As the quintessential millennial that I am, I had been YouTubing part-time for years before this point so it was only natural that I turned to social media in an attempt to find comfort and guidance from a fellow mama. But the truth is that I struggled to find someone who looked like me and could genuinely understand the joys and challenges of expecting a mixed-race daughter.

At a time when I desperately needed encouragement and insight from a sister – I felt alone.

It was then that I decided to document and share my journey online. What started as a YouTube channel featuring hair growth remedies has transitioned to a lifestyle channel where you’ll find regular content about family, marriage, finances, cloth diapering, vlogging, and hairstyling for my mixed daughters.

This is the weird and wonderful blog that supports my channel and if you’re looking for an unfiltered, not-so-normal take on mamahood, marriage, and all-things-parenting, Do You Even Mom is as real as it gets.

We get personal. We get honest. And we do it with loads of love and laughter.

Victoria Vaden
victoria vaden king

We don’t do Stepford here.

My goal is to ensure that no other mama ever feels alone in their journey again. I hope you’re able to find a post on this blog for whatever you’re facing and that my reflections and shared experiences are somehow able to motivate you to look at your own life differently and appreciate the super-human strength it takes to navigate womanhood, motherhood, marriage, and everything that comes with these blessings.

I would love to encourage you to reach out to me when things don’t look hopeful. Equally, I hope you’re inspired to let me know when they do.

I look forward to building connections with powerful mamas around the globe as we support each other in what is the most incredibly miraculous, utterly terrifying, and thoroughly rewarding adventure of a lifetime.


Victoria Vaden King