8 Surprising Ways to Save Your Marriage Before It Starts

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You’re probably wondering how can you save your marriage before it starts?

I’m glad you asked because the main reason why will probably surprise you.

And if you’re not convinced, I’ll give you eight reasons why.

Do you and your spouse want to get married, but don’t want to go through the hassle of a big wedding?

Or maybe you’d just like to skip right to the good part and have the marriage license without all the fanfare?

A courthouse wedding might be the perfect solution for you!

What Is A Courthouse Wedding, Actually?

A courthouse wedding is a non-religious marriage arrangement that legalizes you and your partner’s marriage to become husband and wife.

The proceedings of this event are presided over by a legal authority such as a court clerk or a judge, unlike the religious weddings that are presided over by religious authorities like the priests or the Sheikh.

If you’re looking for an easy, stress-free way to get married, a courthouse wedding might be perfect for you, and here’s why.

save your marriage

1. Courthouse Weddings are Very Affordable

Courthouse weddings are budget-friendly as they provide you with a cost-efficient venue and you can still bring in the beautiful extras to the venue that will make your day look beautiful.

When the ceremony is over, there are no after-party celebrations that require décor, lights, elaborate meals, and entertainment for guests that you hardly see in your daily life.

You can simply take the party home for a cookout or go to a nearby restaurant with those who witnessed the marriage for an affordable celebration dinner.

2. They Are More Intimate

The hurdles you encounter during a large wedding can make the two of you as couples lose focus on why you are hosting such a big party in the first place.

Big weddings make you so worried about whether the anticipated guests will show up; if the weather will cooperate; if all family will get along, and many other worries. However, courthouse weddings require one witness and a few close family and friends. This courthouse wedding grants you that intimate moment to focus on what matters most without the hassles of large weddings.

3. Save Your Marriage with a Better Honeymoon

White weddings may make you spend a fortune to impress a multitude of people to the point that you have very little left to serve the purpose of the marriage.

Courthouse weddings allow you to have a surplus that you can spend to have a memorable honeymoon and even have some to invest towards your future together.

courthouse wedding

4. Court Marriages Eradicate Caste and Religious Barriers

There is life after the wedding, and a proper honeymoon means a greater bond created, which is a prerequisite for the health of your marriage.

Courthouse marriages do not discriminate based on the religion you are affiliated to.

It allows people to pursue their decision to be together no matter the kind of religion any one of the potential spouses is affiliated to.

Diversity in religion creates respect in marriage, and the couples live a happy life by respecting the religious diversity of one another.

5. Courthouse Marriages Prevent Social Evil

Courthouse marriages eradicate social evils like forceful marriages because these kinds of marriages are purely based on consent and other evils like child marriages.

Courthouse marriage is presided over after confirming the bride and the groom are getting married out of their free will.

Age verification and area of residence if verified before allowing a court marriage. 

6. Legal Security

Despite a wedding being an intimate event, there exists a serious side to this union.

If the marriage does not work out as per the expectation of either the man or the woman, legal protection plays a vital role in ensuring that both parties, especially in matters such as bigamy, whereby your partner cannot marry someone else while still married to you.

save your marriage

7. Courthouse Weddings Take Less Time

If you are a person that doesn’t like long ceremonies, then courthouse weddings are your kind of thing.

Courthouse takes a very short amount of time, and they can be wrapped up in just thirty minutes.

The process is kept short and to the point as opposed to church weddings, where there are long sermons, marching, and singing.

The time saved at the courthouse session ensures that you have more energy for your reception and more fun time with your close family and friends.

8. No Formal Dress Code

The most expensive and important thing when it comes to church weddings is knowing what to wear to impress.

The beauty of the courthouse wedding is that you will feel more comfortable rocking an outfit that isn’t a gown.

There are no strict dress codes needed to grace the event. As a couple, you can wear whatever you can afford, and that which you are comfortable in, and both of you will be happier.

You have an opportunity to even buy an outfit which you can wear again after the courthouse wedding, unlike the white gown that you can only wear once.

A comfortable outfit not only allows you to express your style fully but also gives you an option that doesn’t break the bank.

save your marriage

This post is all about courthouse weddings.

In modern days, people are shifting to simplicity when it comes to marriage. If you’re thinking about getting married, you might be considering a courthouse wedding.

There are a lot of reasons why this might be a good idea – here is a summary of why you might want to prefer this route.

First, courthouse weddings are affordable. They’re also convenient and quick, which can be a plus if you’re busy or on a tight schedule.

’Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth.’

Courthouse weddings are also focused solely on the two people getting married to only a few guests in number, unlike the garden weddings where the focus is on décor, food, and entertainment first.

Perhaps most importantly, though, is the fact that courthouse weddings are low-stress.

There’s no need to worry about planning an elaborate ceremony or reception – all you need is your ID and proof of marriage license!

So if you’re looking for an easy, stress-free way to get married, a courthouse wedding might be perfect for you.

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