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7 of the Best Edge Control Products I’ve Ever Found Online

by victoriavadenking
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Looking for the best edge control for kids?

Here are 7 curly hair products that will leave your child’s hair LAID all day long.

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Trying to determine what products are best for curly hair is basically like being locked in a candy store, but being told to only eat the ones that are sugar-free. It can be an extremely daunting task with everything on the shelves staring back at you — then, to add “mixed hair” into the equation, and you have an entirely different ball game.

Luckily, as a woman with naturally curly hair, and a mom of three kids with mixed hair, I narrowed your internet search down to 7 of the best edge control products. I have tried each of these products more than once on my daughters and each one passed the ultimate test of recess and nap time (if you know, you know).

This post is all about edge control for kids.


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1. Style Factor Edge Booster

Hands down, Style Factor Edge Booster is my ultimate favorite edge control to use on myself and my girls. A little goes a long way in this tiny tub, and each use smells absolutely amazing.

When you have kids that are extremely active on and off the playground, you want something that will last until pick up, and this does just the trick.

Style Factor is also great for moms of kids who do not like hairstyling. If your curly hair kiddo refuses to sit still, buy a few tubs of this in different scents and let your child choose which one to use for that day.

Getting your child involved and letting them pair hairstyling with a favorite scent is a great tip to implement into your daily routine. Did I mention this is also water-based? HUGE plus!

2. Ebin New York 24 Hour Edge Tamer

Years ago, I worked with Ebin New York on several of their campaign and product launches. They are an extremely friendly, but professional company and they always found ways to come out with unique, but somehow necessary products every launch.

If you’re looking for an edge control that has a grip of baby hairs that will last despite the roughest naptime, Ebin New York has got you covered.

While Ebin’s 24 Hour Edge Tamer seems as though you’re paying a lot for such a small again, [again] a little goes a long way. It is very easy to apply, has a perfect consistency, and though strong, will not flake in your hair if and when you reach that 24-hour mark.

3. Soft-Sheen Carson Let’s Jam! Shining and Conditioning Hair Gel

If you’re looking for a more lightweight and moveable edge control product for mixed hair, Soft-Sheen Carson is a great option to choose from.

As a mom of two active girls with mixed hair, this Shining and Conditioning Hair Gel works like a dream because I know it has added ingredients that will benefit my kids’ hair (which is unlike most hair gels).

This edge control is easy to adjust when applied to baby hairs in the sense that it’s not permanent.

If you apply Soft Sheen-Carson but later decide to do a different “swoop” on your child’s hair, you have plenty of time to make adjustments without it immediately holding after application.

4. Shine n Jam Conditioning Gel

Here is another edge control gel that will condition but also allow you to “erase” after application if you need to do so.

Shine n Jam is also a conditioning gel that works great for your child’s curly hair because it has the added benefit of conditioning, and it’s also alcohol and paraben-free.

Shine n Jam was a staple product for my curly hair growing up, and I continued to use the extra hold gel even when I relaxed my hair for nearly 10 years.

No matter your child’s curl pattern (or even your own), this is a great edge control product that won’t discriminate and can be used for the entire family.

5. TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick

If you have daughters with mixed hair who are in dance and/or cheerleading, make sure to order TIGI Bed Head Hair Stick (and a backup to keep in the dance bag).

When my oldest was performing in her first ballet recital, I ran out of my current edge control and wanted to lay down a few baby hairs that decides to also make an appearance.

Luckily, I had TIGI in my daughter’s dance bag, popped off the top, and quickly applied it to her edges like it was a glue stick.

TIGI’s Hair Stick may seem small, but it sure is mighty. It is a pretty thick formula, so you do not need to go overboard, because it could clump, especially if you need to use a rattail comb or edge brush to adjust after application.

No matter, the sheer size, and uniqueness in its tube make this a great edge control that you can take with you on the go.

6. African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Smooth Edges

If you are a mama of mixed-race children with hair completely different than your own, African Pride Olive Miracle Smooth Edges will ease any worries. With my oldest, I wasn’t sure if I was “doing the right thing” when I started applying gel to her edges.

But, she was coming home with about an inch of her hairline standing straight up after running around in Florida weather at daycare. If you are sharing the same initial concern, African Pride made an edge control just for kids!

The Olive Miracle Smooth Edges is basically the Johnson & Johnson version of edge control products. It is extremely lightweight and moveable.

For toddlers with curly hair who are super active and new parents adjusting to the world of curly hair, this product is a great starter edge control.

7. Murray’s 100% Pure Australian Beeswax

Calling all vegan and organic lifestyle parents! Murray’s 100% Pure Australian Beeswax is an organic product that will get the job done every single time! Murray’s Beeswax is multipurpose.

If you are twisting, sealing unraveling curly ends, laying baby hairs for edge control, or even braiding for a protective style, this is a MUST HAVE product.

I started using Murray’s when I decided to make the switch to organic products and appreciated the fact that it did not break the bank. Though I’ve only been purchasing this edge control for the past five years, it has been around for ages!

No wonder this product ranks #19 on Amazon for “hairstyling waxes.” You will not go wrong in adding Murray’s Beeswax to your hair product shelf. Trust me, you’ll continue to find new ways to implement it weekly, if not daily for your entire household.

This post is all about the best edge control for kids.

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Jasmine Hewitt March 17, 2022 - 10:44 am

This is a great guide of products to try for edge-control!

victoriavadenking April 11, 2022 - 12:20 am

Yes, and some smell amazing which is an added bonus haha


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