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Must-Have Dog Toys You Need to Buy For Your Golden Retriever

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Golden Retrievers are among the favorite breeds of dogs when it comes to a family pet. Being playful, intelligent, and loving in nature, they are a perfect fit for having a pet. However, playful and active dogs always require some toys to enjoy their playtime. So, whenever you buy the toys for your dog, keep their breed, unique nature, and activities in mind. It helps to pick the best toy for your fur child.

5 Must-Have Toys to Keep Dog Busy While At Work Every Dog Mom Needs

Golden Retrievers are loved because of how they are playful in nature. Whether they are pups or grown-ups, you will always find them among sporting breeds that are active, lively, and playful. To stay healthy and happy, Goldens require exercise and active playing. Get the dog their favorite toys and encourage them to play actively. Below, I am sharing my Golden, Cooper’s favorite toys that we like to play with, and suggestions that I’ve used with my dogs in the past that you should also consider.

Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers’ Playfulness

Zip & Zoom Outdoor Agility Kit

These zip & zoom toys are perfect for dogs that are obedient, intelligent, and agile. It helps them in staying active and learn new tricks. Adjustable hoops can be initially placed low above the ground and gradually raised as the hoop jumps. Agility sticks, hoops, and tunnels not only challenge Golden Retrievers to hear and learn commands but also physically challenge them towards activity.

Squeaker Ballz

The fact that the Goldens love search games come as no surprise given that their last name is Retriever and a fun interpretation of the classic tennis ball can make the quest way more fun and playful! There’s no doubt that these tennis balls are specifically designed for different sports, using premium rubber that gives more bounce on the court than a player wants. Combined with an appetizing squeak, your Golden Retriever will be hooked on the ball.

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Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers’ Intelligence

Being an owner of a Golden Retriever, you must have known by now that you own one of the smartest breeds of dog. As per experts, your Golden is capable to learn 200 commands and actively uses its intelligence to cheer up its human fellows.

Therefore, it is definitely important to stimulate the brilliant-minded Goldens and keep them away from a boring and monotonous schedule. You can feasibly do that by bringing up thought-provoking toys. Such toys help to keep them sharp, active and entertained. Let’s have a look at some toys for your intelligent dog.

Dog Brick

Golden Retrievers are good at understanding this game, which can use its nose to overwhelm other breeds and inexperienced puppies. This puzzle designed for your dog is more difficult because it has to go through several levels. Dogs need to be aware that snacks are kept hidden both under and inside the compartment, as well as which treats they need to find first to access the next one.

Wobble Bowl Interactive Treat Puzzle

It’s an amazing dog puzzle to introduce your dog to the game of puzzles. You just have to fill the bowl with some of the favorite treats of your dog through the top of the bung, or even a  cup of regular dog food for a little more fun feeding time.

After the replacement of the plug, you can give the dog some wiggle movements to show how the toy actually works. Once Golden gets the hang of it, it will gonna love this playful feeder of a dog. Entertain them and demand a logical connection between their actions and fair rewards.

Dog Toys for Golden Retrievers’ Cuddly Nature

Because of their lovable nature, affectionate hugs are just as important to Golden Retrievers as other forms of quality entertainment. Golden Retriever shows the action to retrieve a contact. In fact, they really love to be cared for and petted. Between cuddling with loved ones, Goldens should have a stuffed toy to make friends and take a nap.

Here are some of our favorite tug toys:

Cuddle Tugs Dog Toys

Cuddle tugs dog toys are made up of crinkle papers and two squeakers on the inside for stimulation and interactive play. Don’t get surprised to know that your Golden carries this toy around your house and sometimes brings it to you for fun fights with tug goods.

How to Mentally Stimulate a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers are entertained in a variety of ways. Being playful in nature, the dog loves walking, playing with toys, and even swimming too. Make them entertain by giving them puzzles to solve, walking with your dog, and by providing them with chew toys.

There are several ways to mentally stimulate your fav Golden Retriever. Some of them, that play a great role is as follows:

  • Let your dog sniff as he goes for a walk.
  • Have them work with food, such as putting food on a rocking toy.
  • Play some free shaping games with them
  • Try playing some interactive and entertaining games with your dog
  • Make them learn to know about the toys the dog play with
  • Bring them some puzzles to boost their intelligence
  • Do some fun tricks with them
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What do Golden Retriever puppies like to play with?

These Goldens are quite active and energetic puppies. Being fun-loving and active, your Golden would love to play in the backyard of your house. Moreover, intelligence, plushy and sporting toys work the best for puppies.

Golden Retrievers are active, fun-loving, and playful puppies. They love doing activities during their free hours. However, being active, the Goldens are the ones whose intelligence makes them unique among all the dog breeds.

To boost their enjoyment and intelligence, toys are designed after considering their unique traits. Just make sure that you don’t let your pet fellow overplay with toys. And bring the toys that ensure their safety as well. If you found this post helpful, make sure to check out Tips for New Golden Retriever Owners and see what Cooper and I are doing on the daily here on Instagram.

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Jasmine Hewitt March 17, 2022 - 10:48 am

i’m gonna get a few of these for my dog!

victoriavadenking April 11, 2022 - 12:19 am

It’s hard not to spoil your fur kids.


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