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The Best Brand of Cloth Diapers for Newborns in 2023

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best cloth diapers for newborns

If you’ve landed here, you’re probably researching the uncanny world of cloth diapering.

What once seemed like an urban legend has actually never faded from the norm of some families.

Instead cloth diapering a newborn was deemed unpopular or “too much work” for many new moms in our beloved microwave-style society.

If you’re determined to deviate from the norm of disposable diapers, I’ll break down how simple my daily routine is, reveal the best cloth diapers for newborns, and how to maximize each diaper change morning, noon, and night.

Before I made the switch from disposable diapers, I literally researched every blog and YouTube video.

This post is all about the best cloth diapers for newborns.

best cloth diapers for newborns

They all gave the impression that cloth diapering would be as easy as breathing.

I definitely felt like that awkward new kid at school unsure where to sit in the cafeteria. 

So, if you’re not sure which lunch table to pick either, sit with me.

We’ll get through this together…But be sure to catch up and watch My First Day Cloth Diapering before you sit with us!

The Best Cloth Diapers for Newborns

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen tons of cloth diaper brands on Amazon.

Depending on your learning curve will ultimately determine what style and brand of cloth diapers you’ll choose to generate a stash for your baby. 

At the time of updating this post, Alva Baby cloth diapers are hands down the BEST cloth diapers on Amazon.

From the quirky, yet cute prints on the covers to the ease of having reusable inserts, I found Alva Baby to be the best beginner-friendly pocket diaper.

When I first started out, I purchased four packs of six cloth diapers that came with 24 cloth diaper inserts.

Since my first day, I purchased flour sack cloths and four hemp liners which help with overnight diapers, prevent leaking, and, in general, make nighttime diaper changes more infrequent. 

Now, usually, this is the part when “rise” and “adjustments” are thrown into the mix.

Trust me, it confused me as well. But, stay with me, I’ll explain later.

How to Adjust the Rise on Cloth Diapers

First thing in the morning (after changing her out of the nighttime diaper), I always put two cloth diaper inserts into the cloth diaper. 

My oldest, Mya is in voluntary pre-kindergarten (VPK), and it’s a family affair driving her to school.

Sometimes we stop at the grocery store or run a quick errand, so just in case I want to make sure that Mariah is in two-liners to avoid potential leakage.

Thanks to several comments on my YouTube video, I learned how to adjust the rise on the cloth diaper.

The rise snaps refer to the fasteners on the front of the cloth diaper. 

When you adjust the rise snaps, this allows you to customize the fit on your baby to fit more snugly.

You will have to adjust the rise setting depending on the length and width of your child, or how many inserts you put inside the cloth diaper.

Cloth Diapering As A Beginner: My First Day

How Long Does One Cloth Diaper Insert Last?

The beauty of cloth diapering is its longevity.

While disposable diapers are basically a one-night stand where you use them and lose them, cloth diapers prove their worth in cost because they can last two to three years through multiple children.

I’ll put her in one cloth insert after her morning change.

Basically, I repeat the same pattern every two hours.

Depending on the day, Mariah can stay in her same diaper for up to four hours. 

She only has a few major pees throughout the day and just started the explosive poo sessions, so I’ve been able to manage longer periods.

My “changing the diaper routine” is still the same as if it were throwaway diapers.

The only difficulty is changing Mariah as she turns because I am just a wee beginner.

I still need to see which snap I’m using to make sure I’m getting the correct rise setting size.

best cloth diapers for newborns

Can Babies Wear Cloth Diapers Overnight?

Because I have exclusively used Alva Baby cloth diapers, I can only attest to the perfection and ease in using this specific brand.

However, in terms of the best cloth diaper solution for nighttime changes, I have two different methods.

First, I’ll use two cloth inserts with a flour sack cloth.

(Click here to watch how I fold mine to fit in the diaper.)

3 Beginner Folds to Cloth Diaper a Newborn Baby

The flour sackcloth (or cheese cloths) are super helpful for overnight cloth diaper changes because they hold moisture (or liquid longer), especially when folded like an accordion.

Added bonus: you can purchase flour sackcloths in a pack at Walmart or Amazon for just $8.

But, my second method is honestly my favorite because it makes for a less bulky diaper.

With this method, I use three microfiber inserts and one hemp insert which makes it lays much flatter than the previous method. 

Nonetheless, both methods last about eight to twelve hours (personally) which equals fewer diaper changes at night, and more sleep for the baby and me.

Truth be told, the hemp inserts for cloth diapers are much pricier than the sackcloths, but they are worth every penny!

best cloth diapers for newborns

How to Wash Cloth Diapers

Now when it comes to washing cloth diapers, I’ve tried everything.

We started using Gain (because that’s what we currently had), but it didn’t seem to really cleanse the diapers. 

Then, we switched to a DIY Dawn and white vinegar mixture.

This DIY detergent was actually great, but admittedly, I was overconfident with my abilities to measure and the diapers ended up retaining a vinegar smell.

Subsequently, we switched to homemade laundry soap powder.

While this next DIY method worked VERY well (surprisingly since it was our first time this), it didn’t fully get rid of the stench after we implemented food into Mariah’s diet. 

We finally jumped on the Tide bandwagon. I wash a full bag of cloth diapers every two-three days.

For a quick wash routine: my first wash is to rid the poo in cold water on heavy soil (without detergent) which is about an hour and 15-ish minutes.

I will repeat the same settings for the second wash but added detergent (amount depending on load size). 

For the dryer setting, I always select the normal setting with medium heat (or standard dryer setting).

Using these settings, I have never had an issue with fraying or shrinking with the Alva Baby brand.

Cloth Diapering SIX MONTH Update | Victoria Vaden

Can You Poop In Cloth Diapers?

Yes, your baby can poop right on the cloth diaper cover.

There are other remedies to avoid poop directly on the cover, but in essence, you can. 

However, if your baby is eating solid foods, you will need a little assistance in cleaning the diapers before washing them in your laundry machines.

While newborn poop is water-soluble, babies who are consuming solids poop solids which causes a very stinky situation if washed in your machines.

To remedy this, we purchased a bidet or cloth diaper sprayer from Amazon.

I kid you not when I say this sprayer is a godsend!

I was extremely tired of scraping poop [with napkins] by hand. 

It’s really easy to use, but you do have to work with your toilet depending on which kind you have (ours needed an extra valve to connect properly).

You might also want to purchase a cloth diaper sprayer splatter shield that protects against splatter anywhere but the toilet.

This post was all about the best cloth diapers for newborns.

If you thought this was helpful, make sure to check out even more posts about motherhood here, and connect with us on Instagram to see my Do You Even Mom moments in real time.

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